How do I feel about sleeves?

Adam and I have discussed a winter wedding, so sleeves aren’t a terrible idea. I know it probably brings to mind the term “old-fashioned”, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When I think of long sleeves on a wedding dress, sure, the image of my mother’s oh-so-1986 gown with the big poofy sleeves and the feathered hair comes to mind (sorry, Mom. But c’mon, it was kinda Awkward!80’s). But so do these images:

The old Hollywood thing is incredibly appealing to me since I have always loved classic film. So it stands to reason that I would love to invoke a little of that demure, glamorous style on my wedding day.

This is so lovely. I love the bolero, since it would give me the option of going strapless or not. That way if I get warm (you know, from dancing like a fool all night, as I am wont to do once I get a little champagne in me) I can take it off. Big fan of options. I never thought I would like this much lace (or even that kind), but for whatever reason, I really love this dress. Probably won’t end up choosing something like this, though!

This one is definitely not my style (the skirt reminds me of a particularly delicious cupcake I once ate at a Christmas party), but I do like the way the sleeves are sheer, almost creating an illusion on the arms.

I love this one, even if it’s not as simplistic as I prefer. I just think that the bolero is so lovely and creates an almost regal look.


One response to “How do I feel about sleeves?

  1. Ooo, that one at the bottom is gorgeous! It’s good to look at a LOT of different ones before you decide. That way, you see what you like and DON’T like before you go into an actual store. Some of the bridal shop attendants are really pushy, so you have to be strong and know exactly what you’re looking for. If you do, they can be really helpful, because they know the racks inside and out, and you could be there all day and miss seeing the perfect one without using their knowledge. As long as YOU’RE in charge, you’ll have the most fun ever.

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