To veil or not to veil

That is the question: whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous netting, or to take arms against a sea of tulle fabric and, by opposing, not wear them.

Okay, seriously. I’m torn on whether or not I’m a veil-wearing type of girl, or if I’d rather find an alternative. On the one hand, I think veils are a lovely part of the whole wedding ensemble tradition. On the other hand, the whole reason I cut my hair short was so that I wouldn’t have it all around my neck.

If I do wear a veil, it would have to be really short to avoid irritating me. Something like one of these would be ideal:

I’m also considering wearing something like a headband, comb, or even just a flower tucked behind my ear. All of these are strongly being considered:

I have a feeling I’ll be a headband-wearing bride. I love the purple flower clips (especially since purple is going to be our main color for the decor), so if I can get a headband version of that, I would be thrilled!



2 responses to “To veil or not to veil

  1. etsy has some incredibly awesome and different headpieces. but before you decide on whether to veil or not, you should probably decide on your venue and style. for example, if you like the old hollywood glam and decide you want that as a loosely applied theme then that will inform your dress and headpiece choices. i found that choosing a theme was the best point of departure (we’re doing a rustic vintage wedding at a kids camp in the woods in goochland and our centerpieces are vintage tins holding wildflowers) so now as i’m starting to look for dresses and thinking what will go well in the woods and with a vintage rustic theme? or you can choose the dress first and make all decisions frmo there…either way check out etsy. sorry to go on and on!

  2. Came here from Dave’s Theatre Blog, don’t know you, wish I did, but here’s an idea: my neighbor has gorgeous head adornments at . She also writes
    She just got married, too! Anyway, best wishes.

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