Etsy dresses

I’m in love with Etsy, and I’m hoping to use at least a few items from the site in our wedding. I may not get the dress from the site – it’s always a little scary to order something you’re not 100% sure will fit you, whether it’s a wedding dress or a pair of rainboots – but I can sure get some inspiration from there!

This is stunning. It is a perfect mix of modern style with just a hint of Jane Austen (which I am obsessed with). It’s so lovely and sweet. I never thought I would like a dress with a train, but I love this one!

It’s too low-cut for me, and I want to avoid spaghetti straps, but the color and fabric are great for my skin tone. And it’s eco-friendly!

I love the lace on this, and the cut is gorgeous. Especially the neckline, which is nice and modest. I really don’t want to be all cleavage on my way down the aisle!

I’m not ruling out going two-pieced. I imagine it would be really comfortable, and I absolutely love this top!


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