The centerpieces are something I have spent a crazy amount of time thinking about. Why? I don’t know. I guess because I want this wedding to be super-duper pretty? But I don’t think it’s just that. Maybe it’s because we have a vase of pretty red false flowers on the center of our kitchen table here at my house and it has me thinking.

I have so many ideas racing through my mind! I definitely don’t want gigantic centerpieces that take up a ton of space, but I do want something striking and pretty. Conversation pieces. Ideally, I’d like to make them myself. And while I love the traditional floral centerpiece, I’d love to do something a little different.

There’s this beautiful centerpiece, with the many shades of purple, which I like a lot. It’s traditional and basic, but really pops and is low enough that everyone can see each other around the table!

I love the idea of naming the tables after something significant to the relationship. Adam and I are planning to use Shakespeare quotes for our tables! The table numbers will relate to the act, scene, or line numbers of the quote. We’re such power geeks. I love it.

These are so beautiful. I love the berries, and they create such a lovely autumn feeling. This is certainly an option I’m exploring, if we decide to go against color theme for centerpieces.


One response to “Centerpieces

  1. I vote for simple and Shakespeare. As a guide and perhaps a suggestion, are you aware of the origin of the term “nosegay”? Look it up and think about nosegays for your centerpieces. Love, Daddy Dennis

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