Breakfast for dinner?

Adam and I are talking and want to toss out the idea of breakfast for dinner at our wedding. We both love the grand tradition of brenner, and since we both want our wedding to be as unique as possible, it seems like a great choice for us.

Breakfast can be really elegant and suitable for weddings, I think. We have talked about potato pancakes, mini parfaits, fresh fruit, lox, and mini pancakes as possible ideas for a wedding buffet.

What’s fun about this idea is that, from a nerd’s perspective, it has historical context! Back in the day (and still in some modern weddings), the meal after the wedding was referred to as the “wedding breakfast”. While it didn’t necessarily have to take place in the morning, it was still called the breakfast for reasons which I can only speculate on since I am too lazy to research further at the moment. My theory is that it was called so because of the fact that it was the first meal the couple ate together as a married pair.

So perhaps that is the route we will take with our own “wedding breakfast”. It’s a little bit literal, but so very us!


2 responses to “Breakfast for dinner?

  1. I think that is precious!

  2. I made Adam breakfast for dinner a couple of times and he was always SO excited when I suggested it…sounds like a winner to me!

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