More Green Wedding Shoes

I can’t help it – I’m hooked!

I love this. Adam and I love wine, so this is another great alternative to a guest book.

What a cute idea! I’d love to do something like that for our pictures.

Ohhh, so pretty…I wonder if there is a barn like this anywhere nearby…it’s tempting to try and recreate something like this!


5 responses to “More Green Wedding Shoes

  1. the one barn near rva is at amber grove:
    but its not that big- most people use it for the ceremony

  2. also 2 other great inspiration sites to check out are : (my favorite)

  3. the first two ideas up there reminded me of a kind of combination i saw at a school graduation once. you could each trace an outline of your body with marker on a large piece of white paper taped (tastefully) onto the wall, and then guests could write comments on your “shadows”

  4. See! Amber Grove is the best! That’s where my wedding is! The barn seats about 150, I think, so it does depend on the size of your wedding. We’re doing a Shakespeare theme as well so I’ll pass on any ideas to you. 🙂 We’re definitely doing lanterns! Or should I say, Lan-thorns?

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