My Wedding Shoes

I’m going to be up front about something: I am really, really, really clumsy. I mean, I can move. It’s not like people are at risk from my every move. Just my every other. So when it comes to thinking about what shoes to wear at the wedding, I have to think about practicality over almost everything else! I definitely don’t want super-high heels, and I definitely don’t want stilettos of any height.

These are pretty. Simple, comfortable, with almost no height added. I could probably find these almost anywhere. I wore a pair similar to these to prom, and though they didn’t really last for long, they were fantastic while they did!

As far as heels go, these are nice. I definitely want closed toes, and the little bows are pretty and girly without being too over the top.

However…ding ding ding! These are the winners. I own two pairs of TOMS, and they are unbelievably comfortable. Plus, when you purchase a pair, they donate a pair to a child in need, helping to eliminate diseases that can be prevented by the simple act of wearing shoes. These slippers have a white glitter fabric, so they’re great for a wedding, though there are plenty of alternative choices. Everyone, go check out TOMS Shoes, whether you are getting married or not, because the cause is amazing and the shoes are easily the most comfortable things I have ever had on my feet.


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