Bargains and Budgets and Books, oh my!

I recently bought a Kindle, which I have been having way too much fun with. My favorite thing to read on it lately have been books about how to save money on weddings – which I can get for a serious discount by using the Kindle. Here’s what I have been reading so far:

THE $500 WEDDING: How to have a beautiful wedding and reception for $500, by Heather Henry Kraabel

Though there is no way Adam and I will be able to pull off the wedding we really want for $500, there’s no reason why we can’t at least take some of the advice that Kraabel offers to try and trim some costs. She really emphasizes the importance of limiting the guest list (something that Adam and I will likely find difficult since we both have large families, but luckily most of our friends are mutual, which really helps!), begging/borrowing as many items and services as possible, and delegating responsibility to those willing to help. I have found, like she did, that people are offering their assistance and experience left and right. Taking people up on those offers isn’t taking advantage of anyone – it’s being smart.

1001 Ways to Save Money…and Still Have a Dazzling Wedding, by Sharon Naylor

Wow! 1001 is a lot. And sorting through all 1001 of them, I came up with all sorts of random ideas and thoughts, from little things like adding dried baby’s breath to the paper bouquets (if it’s even necessary…we’ll see!), to bigger ones like honeymoon ideas. Going somewhere that can be reached by train was a romantic idea that didn’t occur to me until I read this book, and neither did the idea of a possible mini-road trip (Adam and I are both fond of the idea of long rides in the car with great music, so we’ll see!). Not all the ideas would work for all weddings, obviously, but there are plenty to get the brain working!

Bridal Bargains, 9th Edition: Secrets to Throwing a Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget, by Denise and Alan Fields

This book is the best. They provide a breakdown of the average wedding costs, dissect just about every aspect of the bridal industry in plain language, and reveal some of the dirtier secrets of the trade. Anyone getting married should definitely get their hands on a copy of this book – you’ll be glad you did!


One response to “Bargains and Budgets and Books, oh my!

  1. Heather Henry Kraabel

    I just wanted to say thank you for mentioning my book on your website. I’m glad you found a few ideas in there. I was so thrilled to see my book referenced on your site. Congratulations on your beautiful wedding.

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