My family, the photographers…

As if I couldn’t get luckier, I happen to have been born into a family where quite a number of members happen to be very talented photographers. A few cousins and my mom are all photographers and happen to be available for weddings. I am hoping that all of them will have their fancy-schmancy cameras at the wedding (hint, hint – bring the awesome lenses) to capture the big moments! Check out my family’s incredible talent:


This is my mother. How lucky am I to have a mother who can do my engagement pictures for free? I’m sure at the wedding she will be more occupied with partying it up than with snapping shots, but I’m hoping there will be at least a few shots.

My mom’s style is all about having fun, being relaxed, and being yourself – which is exactly what photography should be about. Especially wedding photography!


My amazing cousin Melanie, who is more or less the same person as I am. She and I are kindred spirits in a lot of ways, and her photography style tells beautiful stories. She has kindly offered to also take some engagement photos for Adam and I, so we are looking forward to having two sessions with two very different people – variety is the spice of life! Check out Melanie’s website to see her gorgeous wedding photography.


My cousin Rachel, whose unique photography style is absolutely stunning. Her photos are so full of life, motion, and color! I love how she uses light and how she makes people’s eyes look. I’d love to learn how to do that.


The newest member of the family, Tung is my cousin Ashley’s husband. Now, I hate to admit it, but I’m not actually sure if he does photography professionally/is for hire, but even so, he’s fantastic. Check out some of these gorgeous shots:

Seriously, how ridiculously lucky am I to know so many great photographers within my own family? It’s pretty crazy. And it’s pretty fantastic.


3 responses to “My family, the photographers…

  1. Thanks so much, Caroline! You’re such a sweetie.

  2. Thanks for including me! I am really looking forward to seeing how your wedding will come together- so exciting! Your creativity is just fabulous.
    I know Aprille and Christy have both shot weddings before as well, although I’m not sure either of them have websites at this point in time. 🙂

  3. Thanks, sweetpea. 🙂

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