Wedding Music

Adam and I have probably discussed the music we would like at our wedding more than anything else, at this point. He and I are both total music nerds, him more than I am (in a Rain Man kind of way), so it is really important to us that we have great music featured.

We are planning to do our music ourselves, by creating playlists and using a good sound system rather than having a DJ or hiring a band. We have already come up with tons of songs that are absolutely essential, in our opinions, and one of our rules is that we want to try and steer away from the more cliched songs (and those that are excruciating to us: this will be an “Electric Slide”-free wedding).

But how to make sure that everyone hears at least one song that they like? I know that wedding planning really is meant to be (mostly) about the couple and their personal tastes, but we still want to make sure that we don’t just play a bunch of songs only we know, or that an entire generation gets ignored.

Ah, here is our solution: include a “song request” section on the RSVP when we invite people. It’s yet another way that we are personalizing the occasion, and everyone will get to hear at least one song they love. I’m looking forward to seeing how this will make our playlists turn out!


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