To veil or not to veil, Part II

I’ve been thinking more and more about it…and the more I look at the wedding dress I have chosen, the more I realize that I miss my longer hair. What’s more, I’ve realized something that truly surprised me: I think I do want a veil.

Go figure! Here I am, the girl who has never wanted a veil (even when I was little and playing “Bride”, I would take the veil off about thirty seconds into the pretend wedding), suddenly dreaming of the perfect one.

My cousin Ashley’s veil was absolutely amazing. They called it a “butterfly” veil (whether that’s a real term or not is beyond me, but it certainly was fitting for hers), and it was so long and delicate and flowing…well, here, take a look for yourself:

I’m not sure I would want one quite that long, but the style was so lovely. I’m not a fan of the big poofy veils, so if I can find one similar to this one, I will be thrilled!


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