Special K Diet Results!

Remember how I said I was going to test out a couple of “fad” diets and see if any of them actually worked? Well, I tried out the Special K Challenge first.

My results were actually pretty surprising. I went from 131.6 to 126.2 in just two weeks! Over five pounds in just two weeks and I don’t feel like I am starving? Must be a miracle, right?

Only it’s not. Because I feel like if I ever eat that much cereal again in my life I will take a hostage. I like Special K products and all – they’re quite tasty, and at least there’s a decent amount of variety within each category – but I just got so sick of grains that I didn’t even want the nice crusty bread offered to me the other day. It was like I had been taken over by a bread-hating alien, because Normal!Caroline would never refuse delicious bread.

So my official opinion on the Special K Challenge is this: it does work, and it works very well. Only do this if you are not someone who gets strong cravings or gets tired of eating the same thing easily, because you will be tempted to cheat. But if you are determined (and a little desperate) to lose the last five pounds fast, Special K might be a good way to go!


2 responses to “Special K Diet Results!

  1. haha! Glad it worked for you. ^^

  2. Thanks! It’s definitely not a good idea for long-term or anything of course, but it’s GREAT if you just want to kick-start and lose a few pounds quickly. I tend to get discouraged if weight loss takes too long, so whenever I diet, I always need to lose a few really fast so that I stay motivated.

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