Rented/Previously-Owned Wedding Dresses

I know I said I found THE dress before, but I still need to be realistic – we haven’t even set a budget yet. I really don’t have any way of knowing whether or not I can afford a dress of my own.

So in my free time, I’ve been peeking around the internet, and I happened to come across information about previously-owned wedding dresses. They often go for fantastic prices and look great! There is also the option to rent wedding dresses, but I haven’t found nearly as much information about that (so if anyone is familiar, let me know).

What do you all think? Is it a smart idea to search for a previously-owned dress? Or does it seem like it could be bad luck?


7 responses to “Rented/Previously-Owned Wedding Dresses

  1. No, it does not seem like previously owned gowns would be bad luck at all. I think it is more important with the love you share as husband and wife that is truly important. Plus, I mean, come on, don’t you want to spend the real money on the honeymoon? Although, I will say, I would not rent a wedding dress just because it will probably will be a day you want to remember for the rest of your life, and that is one of the only pieces of clothing that is truly sentimental. So my advice: Previously owned, fine (as long as you launder it before hand!), Rented No, and this goes for the grooms tux too in my opinion, although frankly the groomsman you should rent.

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  3. Try — most of the dresses for sale are unaltered and posted by brides who haven’t even worn them for a ceremony because after some planning the dress no longer seemed to fit the bride as a person or the wedding theme. It’s a wonderful site with some really amazing dresses — my s/o and I aren’t engaged yet so we are kind of in the same boat…we live together and are aiming for a ballpark date in 2011, but it all depends on how this economy bug pans out. So I think yes — previously owned gowns are awesome if the groom loves the woman in the dress, not what the dress makes that woman into…and yours certainly seems to!

  4. I beg you to remember that it’s your wedding. It’s supposed to be an event. It’s supposed to be really, really special. It’s not anything you’ll ever regret, especially since you’re marrying the right person!!

    Please try not to worry about cutting costs until you’ve set a budget. Having your wedding isn’t about how cheap you can do it- it’s about making a memorable occasion for you and Adam.

    Lots of love!!

    • Oh, for sure…it’s just that we already know that our budget will definitely be limited. I’m just trying to figure out ways to be able to have a wedding…AND a honeymoon…AND a life afterwards! Yikes. Scary.

  5. My friend Heather just got married in Nov. in a previously owned dress. And it looked amazing! I say go for it. I have been considering that idea myself whenever get married. I think it’s almost silly to buy a dress you’ll wear once in your life and then pack away for the rest.

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