Even MORE Green Wedding Shoes

Sensing an obsession? You’re very perceptive. My current loves from Green Wedding Shoes:

GORGEOUS dessert table, and I love those little cupcakes with the sugar on them. So simple and pretty!

First of all, I hope the weather is that beautiful on our big day. Second of all, what a precious backdrop-y thing. Love it.

One of my official favorite movies is (OSCAR-WINNING!!) Up. These ideas all put together would equal one precious, Up-inspired wedding…which can only be a good thing. After all, who was ever more in love than Carl and Ellie?

Another great dessert table. The more I look at them, the more I like the idea. Maybe I can convince Grammy to make some buckeyes…also, that typewriter? Too cool. Perfect for an English major like me!

I am in. Love. With. This. Look at how beautiful the hanging cotton looks – I would never have thought of that for decorating. The setting is stunning, making me think of the Forest of Arden from As You Like It or maybe the enchanted forest from A Midsummer Night’s Dream! And that curtain! That stage! And that bride is probably wearing the only wedding dress with that style skirt I have ever liked.


2 responses to “Even MORE Green Wedding Shoes

  1. Oh dear lord. I LOVE the dessert table idea. And the stage?? Perfect. These photos are TOTALLY how I imagined you doing your wedding!! Squee!!

  2. Love the typewritter! And thanks for posting photos from our cotton wedding! We love how everything turned out!

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