New favorite website ever, and a (slightly) calmer me

This website just makes me happy. Not just because of the name – though “Broke-Ass Bride” is pretty awesome – but because it is a little treasure trove of information on throwing a wedding on a budget.

I admit, I have been really stressing out about the finances. With all the bills my family has to pay, along with my own financial issues (school + part time job + car bills + groceries = not a lot of extra cash), it freaks me out a little every time I look at a price tag or a fee on just about everything related to weddings. Adam and I are putting our date back up in the air for a few reasons, including my not-so-certain graduation date and our desire to keep from bankrupting anyone. We’re considering the original plan, which was a winter wedding (or even autumn if I graduate on time. C’mon, VCU, cooperate). Of course, we aren’t 100% sure on anything at the moment, but we’ll figure something out.

Anyway. I talked to my dad for a long time yesterday and we figured out a few rough budgets for things like catering (Olio looks extremely promising with fantastic prices for incredible food…I can vouch for them personally since I eat there pretty frequently) and venue possibilities. I feel a little better about those, since they are two of the three things that tend to really eat away at most wedding budgets (alcohol being the other one).

I still have to figure out things like beverages, decorations, renting tables/chairs/linens/plates/silverware/glasses/etc, attire, transportation, honeymoon…and more. So it’s still a little bit like AAAAAAUGH but slightly less so now that we at least have a rough idea of a couple of the biggies.



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