Surprising decor

One of the best ways to personalize a wedding on a budget is, of course, through finding inexpensive-but-gorgeous decor. Here are a few ideas I have stumbled across that would be amazing in any venue, without putting huge holes in your budget:


Find lots of mirrors of all shapes and sizes, from secondhand stores, vintage stores, or even dollar stores. Hang them and place them all over the place, or have them in just one section of your venue to create a gorgeous wall of mirrors. The effect will be beautiful and unique.


Music lovers? Get some cheap blank discs and string them up. They can make a great alternative to streamers and are easy to play around with. They can also double as a guest book – hang a “wall” of CDs, have Sharpies available for guests to write on the CDs with, and decorate part of your future home with the CD guest book!


They’re not just for Christmastime. Since they come in many different styles and colors, tree ornaments can suit any occasion or season. Get some fishing line and string them up all over the place. They can also be arranged in unusual ways to create cool centerpieces!


You might think fruit is expensive, but compare a citrus centerpiece such as this one to the price of an elegant floral one arranged by a professional. See what I’m getting at? Seasonal fruits in a pretty container look beautiful and won’t break the bank. For a fall or winter wedding, consider making pomander balls. They’re time-consuming, but absolutely worth it for their heavenly scent, and you can customize their look pretty easily.

There are plenty of other ideas, so expect a follow-up to this post sometime soon.


2 responses to “Surprising decor

  1. The cd one….I’m so trying to do that for my own room. I saved tons of aol disc back when you use to get them in the mail all the time for free. I had a plan to make something out of the data side of the disk.

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