Gorgeous Richmond wedding!

I stumbled across this link while searching for information about backyard weddings. I can’t get over how beautiful their wedding was…check out some of my favorite images:

Love this table setting. And look! Citrus in glass! Where have we seen that before?

What a great way to recycle old wine bottles. And mint lemonade? Sign me up.

They served Ukrop’s cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. I didn’t even think of that, for some reason…Ukrop’s makes amazing cupcakes that taste just as good (if not better) than a fancy cake! Hopefully when they change over to whatever it is they’ll be now, they’ll still offer these, because I am so on board with this.


2 responses to “Gorgeous Richmond wedding!

  1. The Ukrops cupcakes are potentially injectable with a bit of your favorite filling (easiest are whipped frostings or a bit of seedless jam). Makes them a bit more personal and also only needs very simple little decoration to cover up the subsequent dimple in the top! (I could help experiment with/do this.)

  2. sarah blackmer

    Yea, they are keeping the same bakery and I had a good friend who did this and homemade an adorable tower to hold the cupcakes real inexpensively 🙂

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