Stuff I think is pretty

This is an adorable idea for the end of the evening…chocolate chip cookies and milk shooters!

Mountains, baby’s breath bouquets, and books…good combination of things. I love the idea of there being old copies of Shakespeare’s plays strewn about our venue. We’ll have to hit up some antique book shops!

Bogie & Bacall…both beautiful, talented, blessed with unforgettable voices, and effortlessly chic. Actually, my grandmother and grandfather wore something similar at their wedding…I’ll have to find the picture…

Ah, there we go! My adorable Grammy and Popsie on their wedding day in 1950! Looking just as good as Bogie and Bacall, if I can be rather biased.

Ceremony decorations are entirely unnecessary with a tree like that! And it could easily be just as striking in the evening, just have lanterns all around. Instant gorgeous, just add luminescence.

If we even bother with table numbers – since we don’t know the set-up, of course – this is pretty much what we would like to do, only with Shakespeare! We have a few variations on how exactly to go about it, so only time will tell what we settle on.

Love this. Simple, cute, festive, and a Midsummer reference all in one!


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