Long tables

I love the idea of long tables at wedding receptions. They bring to mind the idea of a family dinners and special holidays. I find them more intimate than lots of separate tables, actually, especially at a small wedding. However, even when there are lots of guests, using the long tables for dining can create more unification and encourage conversations with new people. Check out these examples and see what you think:

My favorite is first. I love the simplicity of the presentation and the soft colors.

Another beautiful, simple presentation. A pretty outdoor location doesn’t require much beyond this!

I’m normally not a big fan of pink at weddings, but I can make an exception here. It is sweet, lovely, and feminine, but the brick in the background of the venue keeps it from being too much like Valentine’s Day on a table!

Wow. Just wow! What a beautiful look for a seaside occasion!

More simplicity for a homespun look. I love that the wine bottles are on the table. Wine bottles are so pretty just as they are that they provide easy decor. They can even replace floral centerpieces! Find some unusual bottles or ones with interesting labels and you’ll have instant conversation pieces to highlight your tables.

Orange is my favorite color, so this is right up my alley. Warm, inviting, and absolutely gorgeous.


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