Rustic touches for outdoor weddings

An outdoor wedding is the dream for us, I believe. I love the idea of a classic-but-rustic decoration theme, and have found so many amazing photographs to inspire me!

I love the barrels! And those blue flowers are gorgeous – does anyone know what kind they are?

What can I say about the design of this wedding except “ahhh”? It is so relaxing and calm…just what a rustic wedding ought to be.

LOOK AT THAT “ALTAR”! How cool! I absolutely love that idea. It is so simple, but it creates an amazing “picture frame” effect for the stunning setting.

Check out this layout for a classic picnic. Lots of pillows and pretty baskets and flowers make this reception look so inviting and warm. It’s hard to go wrong with a nice picnic!


3 responses to “Rustic touches for outdoor weddings

  1. Hey Caroline,
    Holly and I were married in our friends’ back yard under an arbor decorated with vines and flowers. We also had a big picnic with baskets filled with wine, cheese and crackers. Then we had square dancing! Let me know if you are at all interested and I’ll send you some pictures.
    Hope the planning continues to go well!

  2. I have been trying to see the picture of the alter and ll and I cant see it, could you possibly send me the link or picture? Thanks!

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