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Our engagement slideshow

Courtesy of Green Eyed Photography (aka my mom).



We are making progress on this whole “getting married” thing…a date is set, a venue has been found-but-not-quite-booked, we have leads on a cake, I bought my dress and they even got me into a veil (!!)…things are rolling!

Un mariage français

Since Adam and I have a bit of an addiction (best word for it, really) to France and, in particular, Paris, I dug up a few pictures of great ways to add un peu d’inspiration française to a wedding!

The Knot’s template tool

The Knot has a great little template tool now to make your own inspiration boards! I have been playing around with it. Here is my first, my ideas for a winter wedding (which, because we just keep mixing around ideas, might end up being the case – imagine a wedding in the winter in a beautiful theatre!).

I chose a palate of red, purple, black, and white, since there is so much black and deep red at Sycamore Rouge (our choice for an autumn/winter indoor wedding). I absolutely adore that dark, rich shade of purple – it’s feminine, but not overly so, and works well for day or night, indoor or outdoor, and for all seasons! In my opinion, as far as colors go, purple, blue, and red are the easiest to pair with any season.

Foodies unite!

I love when weddings do something wacky – in particular, with the food. The breakfast-for-dinner idea is one that is unusual and fun. Serving ethnic food that doesn’t match your heritage is a wonderful way to make your wedding totally individual. And, of course, serving any alternative to wedding cake is, while trendy, still a fun way to make a statement.

Here are a few of my favorite wedding food ideas:

Are. You. Serious. A Sno-Cone cart? That’s the coolest thing ever.

Nothing cuter than fresh lemonade and strawberry shortcake!

Such a great favor idea – home-baked bread!

S’mores! What a fun dessert idea? And tell me that doesn’t look amazing…

I don’t even know what that is, but I know I want to eat it.

Wedding loooooove…

Rustic touches for outdoor weddings

An outdoor wedding is the dream for us, I believe. I love the idea of a classic-but-rustic decoration theme, and have found so many amazing photographs to inspire me!

I love the barrels! And those blue flowers are gorgeous – does anyone know what kind they are?

What can I say about the design of this wedding except “ahhh”? It is so relaxing and calm…just what a rustic wedding ought to be.

LOOK AT THAT “ALTAR”! How cool! I absolutely love that idea. It is so simple, but it creates an amazing “picture frame” effect for the stunning setting.

Check out this layout for a classic picnic. Lots of pillows and pretty baskets and flowers make this reception look so inviting and warm. It’s hard to go wrong with a nice picnic!