Long tables

I love the idea of long tables at wedding receptions. They bring to mind the idea of a family dinners and special holidays. I find them more intimate than lots of separate tables, actually, especially at a small wedding. However, even when there are lots of guests, using the long tables for dining can create more unification and encourage conversations with new people. Check out these examples and see what you think:

My favorite is first. I love the simplicity of the presentation and the soft colors.

Another beautiful, simple presentation. A pretty outdoor location doesn’t require much beyond this!

I’m normally not a big fan of pink at weddings, but I can make an exception here. It is sweet, lovely, and feminine, but the brick in the background of the venue keeps it from being too much like Valentine’s Day on a table!

Wow. Just wow! What a beautiful look for a seaside occasion!

More simplicity for a homespun look. I love that the wine bottles are on the table. Wine bottles are so pretty just as they are that they provide easy decor. They can even replace floral centerpieces! Find some unusual bottles or ones with interesting labels and you’ll have instant conversation pieces to highlight your tables.

Orange is my favorite color, so this is right up my alley. Warm, inviting, and absolutely gorgeous.


Inspiration: Pomegranates

Lots of wedding blogs make collages out of things they are inspired by, so I thought I would give it a shot. My inspiration, which I got from the lovely juice I am currently drinking, is the pomegranate! It is a delicious, sweet fruit that is a bit of a craze at the moment, and for good reason. Its health properties are amazing! What’s more, the pomegranate is a beautiful color and an elegant food, so it would be a great thing to have as wedding decor. Here are a few ideas for weddings inspired by the pomegranate:

Stuff I think is pretty

This is an adorable idea for the end of the evening…chocolate chip cookies and milk shooters!

Mountains, baby’s breath bouquets, and books…good combination of things. I love the idea of there being old copies of Shakespeare’s plays strewn about our venue. We’ll have to hit up some antique book shops!

Bogie & Bacall…both beautiful, talented, blessed with unforgettable voices, and effortlessly chic. Actually, my grandmother and grandfather wore something similar at their wedding…I’ll have to find the picture…

Ah, there we go! My adorable Grammy and Popsie on their wedding day in 1950! Looking just as good as Bogie and Bacall, if I can be rather biased.

Ceremony decorations are entirely unnecessary with a tree like that! And it could easily be just as striking in the evening, just have lanterns all around. Instant gorgeous, just add luminescence.

If we even bother with table numbers – since we don’t know the set-up, of course – this is pretty much what we would like to do, only with Shakespeare! We have a few variations on how exactly to go about it, so only time will tell what we settle on.

Love this. Simple, cute, festive, and a Midsummer reference all in one!

Gorgeous Richmond wedding!

I stumbled across this link while searching for information about backyard weddings. I can’t get over how beautiful their wedding was…check out some of my favorite images:

Love this table setting. And look! Citrus in glass! Where have we seen that before?

What a great way to recycle old wine bottles. And mint lemonade? Sign me up.

They served Ukrop’s cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. I didn’t even think of that, for some reason…Ukrop’s makes amazing cupcakes that taste just as good (if not better) than a fancy cake! Hopefully when they change over to whatever it is they’ll be now, they’ll still offer these, because I am so on board with this.

Random wedding inspiration

Here are my latest loves from various wedding websites! There are so many this time that there is a cut in the post, so click after the first few pictures to continue.

These engagement photos inspired by 1920’s French postcards are to die for! Hmm…I may have to suggest blatantly ripping this idea off to Adam…

S’mores at a wedding. S’mores at a wedding. S’MORES AT A WEDDING. What a fun idea if you’re having a casual, outdoor event!

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A Picnic Wedding

Adam and I are discussing the possibility of having a picnic wedding. There are so many benefits to it – the gorgeous outdoor setting, the casual atmosphere, the chance to serve fancier versions of classic picnic foods…the more I think about it, the more I love this idea. A simple wedding is pretty high on my priority list.

But how to keep it from being overly simple? After all, a picnic is pretty easy to pack. Toss some yummies into a cooler and head out the door. Easy and fun, but not exactly elegant, and definitely not wedding-y. But here are three easy ideas to turn a simple picnic into something beautiful and memorable:


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think “picnic”? The basket, of course! Baskets (or pails, if you prefer) can be bought in bulk for cheap, then dressed up with things like ribbons, flowers, and other decorative items can look adorable. Put a pretty linen in the basket and you’re set!


Select a color you love and see if you can find different patterns of fabric to give to your guests. Lots of different blankets will create a really cool effect at your picnic!


Put a pretty pinwheel and a bottle of bubbles in each picnic basket and let your guests have fun with them! They add instant atmosphere and decoration, and are nice little keepsakes for after the wedding.

Surprising decor

One of the best ways to personalize a wedding on a budget is, of course, through finding inexpensive-but-gorgeous decor. Here are a few ideas I have stumbled across that would be amazing in any venue, without putting huge holes in your budget:


Find lots of mirrors of all shapes and sizes, from secondhand stores, vintage stores, or even dollar stores. Hang them and place them all over the place, or have them in just one section of your venue to create a gorgeous wall of mirrors. The effect will be beautiful and unique.


Music lovers? Get some cheap blank discs and string them up. They can make a great alternative to streamers and are easy to play around with. They can also double as a guest book – hang a “wall” of CDs, have Sharpies available for guests to write on the CDs with, and decorate part of your future home with the CD guest book!


They’re not just for Christmastime. Since they come in many different styles and colors, tree ornaments can suit any occasion or season. Get some fishing line and string them up all over the place. They can also be arranged in unusual ways to create cool centerpieces!


You might think fruit is expensive, but compare a citrus centerpiece such as this one to the price of an elegant floral one arranged by a professional. See what I’m getting at? Seasonal fruits in a pretty container look beautiful and won’t break the bank. For a fall or winter wedding, consider making pomander balls. They’re time-consuming, but absolutely worth it for their heavenly scent, and you can customize their look pretty easily.

There are plenty of other ideas, so expect a follow-up to this post sometime soon.